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District-wide Instructional Practices




8 Mathematical Practices

CCD Charts (Cognitive Content Dictionary)

3 Read Strategy

Partner Reading

This year teachers received PD based on the above instructional practices as well as have been coached by the three instructional coaches. These practices will strengthen our academic programing.
(Below are a couple of examples and artifacts)

CCD Vocabulary Chart:

It’s tool to develop academic English and help build the vocabulary and linguistic structures that students need to be successful in context-rich discourse.

Planning for Explicit Vocabulary Routine 

  1. Select words focused on:
    1. Tier 2 Words: Transferability among contents
    2. Tier  3: Content specific that are key to understanding the concept
  2. Create heterogeneous student groups
  3. Create a Cognitive Content Dictionary CCD on anchor chart
  4. Display the CCD template
Partner Reading:
Designed to strategically pair students to elevate and support their learning