Achieving Excellence in 2021-2022


  •  2021-2022 CAASPP test results demonstrate our 8th graders are ready for high school! Almost a quarter of our 8th graders exceeded grade level standards for ELA via the 2021-22 summative CAASPP assessment in May and June of 2022. In addition, over 30 percent met grade level expectations in ELA. 
  • To combat the learning loss caused by the pandemic, Extera is rolling out new ELA, ELD, and intervention curricula in the 22-23 school year. Teachers are attending five days of professional development to use our new ELA curricula EL Achieve, and administrators and coaches are attending three days of professional development.
  • Our students are well-rounded! To maintain Covid-19 safety, our students participated in a variety of robust learning experiences on site. For example, our 8th graders participated in a virtual online Neuroscience field trip seminar with post graduate students at UCLA specializing in neuroscience. Our 7th graders participated in a three-week on-site experience learning about India: the culture, history, and literature. The experience culminated in an hour-long performance of Buddha Walks hosted by Spirit Series.